The Importance of Travel

This is more of a personal post and slightly less informative than usual so I do not expect everyone to the take the time to shuffle through it. I just wanted to discuss the importance of travel to me and talk to others who may feel the same way or have any burning questions about traveling.

Traveling has a special place in my heart, not only because of the amazing sites and experiences to be had, but because of what it does to you as a person. It has taught me acceptance, understanding, budgeting, and other skills that I would not have learned any other way. I definitely didn't learn how to budget a 3 month backpacking trip or an entire year abroad in a Home Ec class. If you want to see everything on your list you make pre-departure and the list you will accumulate along the way, you have to understand the cost and make sacrifices in order to not run out of money in your first month.

"You can recreate yourself as many times as there are cities, I think that is one of the reasons we love to travel."

I have always loved this quote because traveling allows you to be who you are in your rawest form. You are in a country where sometimes no one even knows your name. You are not completely changing yourself city to city, but you can thoroughly embrace all parts of who you are at the core. Maybe in South America, you are an avid hiker, but in the clubs of Europe you want to be known for impressive drinking skills.

With no one knowing your past, you are in control of the parts of you that you share with other people.

Traveling gives a purpose for those adventurous minds and misfit souls. It allowed me to be my truest self and find other that appreciated who that was. You begin to rely on others that were strangers even just hours ago. I think you can get to know someone better in two weeks of travel than in two years of being friends at home. It really allows you to be open to new people and opportunities that come walking beside you.

This may not be a terribly extensive post, I like to try and stick to the point. But I would love to start a conversation, or at least a thought, about how traveling and it's importance makes you feel.