Poland Travel Guide

Loving pierogis should be enough of a reason to want to visit Poland. But on top of that, Poland is filled with beautiful mountains, charming cities, and history. It is home to 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Poles also love their vodka and know how to party, so you can be sure you will have an unforgettable time.

Visiting the Tatra Mountains in Poland

What to Expect

Official language: Polish

Currency: Euro

Safety: Poland is a safe country. I traveled there by myself and walked around at night and experienced no issues. I got caught in a snow storm in the mountains and a kind Polish couple stopped to pick me up and take me back to my hostel.

I adore Eastern Europe. I think it is so underrated. It is full of charming cobblestone walkways, incredible history, and is extremely affordable to travel.

Getting There

Norwegian Air and Lufthansa are two budget friendly airlines that offer flights from major US cities into Europe. You can expect to find flights around 600 USD roundtrip into Warsaw or Krakow. If you are already located in Europe, Ryanair, Europe's popular budget airline, will offer cheap flights into Krakow and Warsaw.

Best Time to Visit

March-October is a great time to visit to avoid the frigid Polish winters. The summer months are nice to enjoy hiking through the Tatra Mountains in Southern Poland. The shoulder seasons are great to experience the cities with smaller crowds.

Where to Stay

The most visited towns in Poland are Krakow and Warsaw. Krakow, I found to be more charming, with more things to do. A dorm style bed in a hostel will cost about 12 USD per night, some will include breakfast and even homemade dinners. Zakopane is a beautiful underrated ski town on the edge of Slovakia, it is a great place to stay to hike the Tatra Mountains or ski in the winter.