Malta Travel Guide

Commonly recognized by Game of Thrones and Degrassi fans (where I first learned what Malta was) is a small underrated European country located south of Italy and north of Africa. Malta is rich in history, medieval architecture, and clear blue waters. It has some of the oldest surviving buildings in the world and its capital is listed as a World Heritage City.

11 Amazing Things to do in Malta

What to Expect

Official language: Maltese and English.

Maltese is a dying language and I found that even the locals choose to speak English to one another.

Currency: Euro

Safety: Malta is one of the safest countries to travel in the EU. I went here alone and felt completely safe even walking around at night.

Arriving in Malta, you can expect sunny warm weather, tropical waters, and amazing ancient fortresses. Wandering Malta is so much fun on foot, but if you are looking to go further distances, they have a public bus. This will take you around to the other parts of the island. It is easy to use and inexpensive. Just keep a few euros on you because they will only accept cash.

Prices in Malta are average for a European country. They are much cheaper than Paris, but more expensive than many eastern European countries. At a mid-range restaurant expect to pay about 15 USD.

Getting There

Since it is an island, the most efficient way to get there, if you are not on a cruise, is by plane. If you are flying from Europe, Ryanair, their popular budget airline, offers great deals from many larger European cities. I purchased my roundtrip flight from Madrid for only 30 USD! Finding this good of a deal is what motivated me to spend my spring break in Malta when I was living in Spain.

Flying from the US can be more costly. Iberia offers a flight from JFK to Malta for about 600 USD. It may be cheaper to fly into a larger European city then purchase a separate ticket to Malta.

Another option is a much less timely way. There is a ferry service from Salerno, Italy, a town just south of Naples into Valletta, Malta. This ferry departs on Saturdays and returns on Mondays. It takes 26 hours and costs about 130 USD.

Best Time to Visit

Malta is known for its warm winters and extremely hot summers. This makes spring a perfect time to visit. It is warm enough to dive into the tropical waters and not unbearably hot like in the summertime.

Where to Stay

If you are planning a shorter trip to Malta, Valletta, the countries capital, is a perfect area to base yourself. Valletta is one of the most concentrated historical areas in the world today. You can find anything from luxury hotels to budget airbnbs. If you are looking to stay in an area with more nightlife, St. Julians is a great option. It is a town on the beach that offers a promenade lined with bars and nightclubs.