Everything you need to know about getting a Cuban Visa as an American

I went to Cuba for the first time in 2017 and I received A LOT of questions about how to obtain a visa as an American. As I am sure you all know, Cuba's borders recently have opened to the U.S. and people have been jumping on board to visit before tourism skyrockets.

Though it is not open yet for vacationers, it is possible to obtain a visa with 12 different reasons of travel. I had a friend who went before I did and purchased her visa online.  Having it before the start of your trip might make some travelers feel a bit more at ease; however, if you are a bit more spontaneous, then I will explain the easier and cheaper way.

There are a number of airlines that fly from the U.S. into Havana. It is ever changing so make sure to check with the airline of your choice beforehand! We decided to fly Southwest Airlines. The visa we obtained through them was only 50 USDs, as Delta I believe charges 100 USD and must be paid in cash. An hour before our flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Havana (yes, you will have a layover in Florida), there was a desk set up by the departure gate. You will fill out a form with your information, selecting your reason for travel from 12 different reasons. "Education" is one of them and that is what I selected. You will then pay the fees and be granted your visa. It is safe, secure and super easy to obtain!

Cuba is worth it and I hope everyone gets the chance to explore its magic.  Tourism is one of their main ways of income, so it’s a blessing and a curse to let in more tourists.  Just ensure you are giving back to their community in the process.