Colombia Travel Guide

I spent two weeks traveling around Colombia with a friend and it was so much more then I imagined.  Colombia is full of friendly locals, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant cities that never sleep.  I even saw my first toucan outside my hostel room in Minca!

What to Expect

Official language: Spanish

Currency: Colombian Peso

Safety: It is no secret that Colombia used to be one of the most dangerous countries.  Now, it is safe to travel, even for solo female travelers.  Petty theft is the most common crime against tourists.  As long as you don't wander around alone at night or flash your valuables, you should be just fine. 

Colombia is an affordable country to backpack. It is not the cheapest country to travel, but it is much cheaper than cities in the USA.

Getting There

Spirit Airlines has amazing deals for roundtrip flights into many Central and South American countries, including Colombia.  Flights into Bogota, Colombia's capital, from the USA cost about 350 USD.  You can also fly into Cartagena for about 250 USD roundtrip. Spirit Airlines is a budget airline, so if you are not a light packer, expect to pay 50 USD per bag. They will allow one personal item for free that has to fit under the seat in front of you.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit is during dry season, December-March and July-September.  You can except warm weather and sunny days. We went in June and while the weather was very nice, it down poured several occasions, especially while we were in Medellín.

Where to Stay

Colombia has so much to offer and you can easily spend months backpacking here. Medellín, Santa Marta, and Minca were some of my favorite cities we stayed. El Rio and Casa en el Aqua are two crazy but fun party hostels in Colombia that are definitely worth staying at. El Rio is along a river in the jungle that throws wild parties and Casa en el Aqua is literally a hostel built in the ocean.