Best of Dubai

Dubai is the most extravagant and diverse city I have ever been to. With an initial plan to stay only 2 days, I was captivated by the big city and decided to extend my stay to nearly two weeks!

Whether you plan to spend 2 days or 2 weeks in Dubai, below are some amazing things to do during your stay!

Burj Khalifa

No trip is complete without visiting the Burj Khalifa, not that you can avoid seeing it anyway! This is the tallest structure and building in the world, reaching a total of 829 meters.

For those of you who are not afraid of heights, you can go up 125 floors and have an incredible panoramic view of the city. Tickets are about 41 USD for adults and 31 USD for children.

The Dubai Mall

Dubai is filled with grand shopping centers and this one is no different. You can explore high end shops and local boutiques. The mall features endless restaurants from expensive to many known fast food chains, including Tim Hortons.

The Dubai Fountains

Just outside of The Dubai Mall are the famous Dubai Fountains. Every night people huddle together to get a good spot to view the beautiful light show. While I wouldn't normally care too much about dancing water, it really is a spectacular show to see. The fountains are HUGE.

Mall of the Emirates

As if one enormous mall isn't enough, Dubai's second largest mall is so big, it has a man made ski slope inside!

Palm Jumeirah

This is just one of the palm-shaped man made islands of Dubai. It is known for it's elegant hotels and global restaurants. It's absolutely beautiful to walk around and catch a view of the sea and the city. There are pools and beach clubs available and many turn into nightclubs.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

This is a huge market in Dubai with restaurants and a river running down the middle. It's a great place to get an incredible view of Burj Al Arab.

Jumeirah Beach

This is a popular white sand beach along the Persian Gulf. It is across from the man made World Islands.

Note for ladies: 2 piece swimsuits are acceptable, but make sure you have a cover up or clothes for once you leave the beach. It is not appropriate to wander the streets in swimwear for anyone.

Dubai Marina

This is a popular residential neighborhood close to Jumeirah Beach with a promenade filled with restaurants and shops. You can also catch a great view of the sea and the yachts that go by. Try some grilled halloumi cheese at one of the restaurants. It is SO good, I could not stop eating it.

Andreea’s Beach Club

Dubai has stricter alcohol laws than most other countries I have traveled. You can only drink in designated places and liquor has to be ordered. It cannot be bought at a traditional grocery store. But there are still some amazing places to unwind and have a drink! This is one of the many beach clubs around Dubai. Good music, tasty drinks, and a breathtaking view, what more could you really ask for?

Dubai's Old Town

To get a more authentic taste of Dubai, visit the old town! You can get here easily using their metro. Wander around the gold and spice souks and grab a traditional meal. They offer boat tours around the river front as well. It's really interesting to be in the old town and see all the skyscrapers lining the backdrop.

Global Village

Global Village is like an even bigger, better Epcot in Disney World. It combines over 90 countries into a massive world market. I went with one of the Egyptian guys I was staying with who was so excited to introduce me to the Egypt section. He showed me their traditional foods and drinks. Global Village offers shows and so many cool shops and things to look at from all over the world! Unlike most global village type things I have been to, it doesn't focus solely on the Western World.

Tickets cost about 5 USD per person.

There you have it! These are some of my favorite attractions in Dubai. I hope this either helps you map out your already planned Dubai vacation or inspires you to add it to your bucket list! There really is no other city like it.