11 Amazing Things to do in Malta

Malta is filled with so many beautiful treasures! Whether you are looking for ancient temples or to pretend you are at a Game of Thrones set, Malta has endless things for any traveler to enjoy!

Walk around Valletta, Malta's capital city

This city was listed as a World Heritage city because of its highly concentrated amount of historical buildings. Even though it is the capital, it is still very walkable. The buildings are made up of limestone brick and beautifully color accented window boxes and doors.

National Museum of Archaeology

Located in Valletta, is Malta's National Museum of Archaeology. It is a great way to learn about the rich history that took place on the island and see many prehistoric artifacts that were discovered.

Megalithic Temples of Malta

There are over 20 prehistoric temples across Malta and Gozo, 6 of which are open to the public. Many of these have become UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The megalithic temples include the sites of Tarxien, Skorba, Ta' Hagrat, Ġgantija, Ħaġar Qim, and Mnajdra.

Take a Day Trip to Gozo

Gozo is Malta's sister island and it offers so much beauty. Here you can visit the famous Azure Window in the picture above, take a hike, or go explore even more temple ruins. Traveling between the islands is very easy and takes about 20 minutes from Ċirkewwa, Malta to Mġarr, Gozo by ferry. Many scenes from the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones were filmed here.

Visit the Colorful Boathouses Around the Inland Sea

The Inland Sea, also called Qawra in Maltese, is a lagoon on Gozo near the Azure Window. The locals have there boats inside these vibrant boathouses. It's a beautiful place to relax and great photo opportunity!

Scuba Dive along WWII Shipwrecks

I ended up getting my advanced scuba certification during my time in Malta. It was one my favorite things I have done. Malta was used as a Naval base by the British in WWII and many of the ships are now on the ocean floor. Because of its location in the Mediterranean, it was a target during WWII. It became the most bombed place in the world with 15,000 tonnes of bombs dropped. Scuba diving is one thing, but getting to experience that piece of history is surreal. Seeing how the ocean can take something so awful and adapt it into its own is a beautiful thing. Malta is also a great place for beginner divers because of its clear, more shallow waters.

Visit the "Silent City" of Mdina

Mdina was the capital city of Malta before Valletta existed in medieval times. It's a small city protected by high walls. After Mdina was no longer the capital, it became a ghost town. This is what led to its nickname as the "Silent City." Now many tourist visit the town and wander the historical streets and stare in awe at the beautiful limestone buildings.

Tour the Sea Caves of Blue Grotto

Located on the southeast coast of Malta are the picturesque sea caves known as Blue Grotto. Tourist flock here for boat tours, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Take a trip to the Dingli Cliffs

On the west side of the island are scenic cliffs that offer incredible panoramic views. There is also a chapel located at the highest point of the area.

Visit St. Julian's

If you are wondering how the Maltese like to party then check out St. Julian's at night. This part of town is located along the beach and it is lined with trendy bars and nightclubs.

Check out Malta's Harbors

The Grand Harbor in Malta, also known as the Port of Valletta, offers panoramic views of the city. It is an enchanting place to walk around and watch the boats roll in.

These are just a fraction of the things to see and do during your Maltese getaway. Malta is an underrated country that deserves so much more attention. With its insane amount of history and breathtaking rocky beaches, there is no reason Malta shouldn't be added onto your list of places to see around the world.